Digital, visualized menus with VISYT

VISYT visualizes your menu.

Your digital menu with visualized dishes! This way you offer your visitors a visual experience of pleasure. VISYT translates everything into 12 languages. With pictures of the dishes and the description in their own language, this makes it easier for guests to choose the dishes they want. The customer can simply scan the VISYT code or use the (respective) filter for vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan to search for their desired meal.

Now integrated:

Clic&Pic pick-up service

With the newly integrated pick-up service "Clic&Pic", the restaurateur can easily and conveniently bring his dishes and meals to the customer through the VISYT code in the advertisement. The customer scans the VISYT code from the advertisement or uses filters to search for their desired meal. The customer can specify his preferred time. Afterwards, the restaurateur gets everything ready and the customer can pick up and pay for the ordered dishes. Everything simple, convenient, and usable without effort.

Clic&Pic pick-up service

Select and order a dish.

Customers can easily choose and order the dish from the digital, visualized menu. The texts appear in the customer's own language, as VISYT translates everything into 12 languages.

Clic&Pic pick-up service

Select time, use direct navigation and drive to the farm.

Choose time for pick up the products and with the direct navigation it is easy for the customer to drive to the business or the restaurant. The food is ready for Pick-up on time.

No contracts commitment

Test VISYT service here without obligation, free of charge for 2 months:

The VISYT team is doing initial entry of the menus. The restaurant manager receives a VISYT code and the access data for the backend to adjust and additions. Everything is free of charge. After three months, you are free to decide whether you want to continue using the VISYT service or not..

All services can be cancelled by the end of each month.
There are no contractual ties.